Born and raised in Northern England in an artistic Family I studied literature and then Marketing in France. I started my own design company in 2005 when I discovered the Macintosh. After a few years of design and photography I went onto working for Apple in 2011.

For three years I worked as a Genius, but quickly missed the creativity side of my life so I left and jumped back into the design world. James Desauvage Design was back on track!

After a year in Canada I’m back in France and available for work in everything that touches photography, grapic work, web design. I look forward to including you into my parcours. I have an accute taste and love nothing more that playing (working) with colors and textures.

I am your own personnal design studio and can build your visual identity from the ground up; but also your on-line presence and marketing. Your success is also mine!


Photosession styles

Je m’adapte à vos envies, que ce soit en studio ou en extérieur, je possède des lumières flash autonomes Profoto.


Studio disponible sur Avignon.


Photographe spécialisé dans le portrait et la mode


Disponible pour d'autres projets tels que les mariages et les naissances
Instagram feed @jamesdesauvage